Best Donuts

The Best Kind Of Donuts

Donuts are everyone’s best companion for coffee or while watching a movie. It is a “one destination for all cravings” recipe. Although the donuts can be traced back to the Dutch origins who brought the recipe with them to America, the ring-shaped donuts is said to be invented by Hanson Gregory in 1847. Since then, donuts have been everywhere. Donuts have become famous due to its squishy texture and a huge variety of toppings. Here is a list of the most popular donuts which have been serving the hunger throughout these years.

Glazed Donut

Glazed donut is the most common donut available in every donut shop. It has the “vanilla ice cream” flavor and hence is also known with the same name. It is simple and sweet, and every bite gets tastier, and no one knows how.

Chocolate Glazed Donut

The second best selling donut out there is, of course, the chocolate glazed donut because, who doesn’t like chocolate and vanilla? The combination of a chocolate glazed donut with hot chocolate solves all the problems of your day and brings back your happiness in the first bite.

Boston Crème

A layer of custard inside the dough and a layer of chocolate on top makes it peoples go-to donut for instant solutions to cravings. Boston crème donut is more of a hybrid between the custard donut and chocolate frosted donut, which make it better than buying two different donuts.

Chocolate Long John

They are more of dough sticks rather the rings. Their shape begs to differ from the rest of the donuts, and a topping of frozen chocolate makes it more appealing to the crowd to take a big bite on that long, squishy dough.

Chocolate Frosting with Sprinkles

If you have a big sweet tooth, then this might be the right donut for you. It comes with colorful sugar sprinkles on top and has a layer of chocolate to stick it to the dough. Children seem to prefer it more rather the adults because of their extra sweetness.

Strawberry Jelly

Another sweet donut filled with strawberry in the inside of it. It is best suited for quick breakfast and feels like having a toast with jam. It is layered with powdered sugar on top. They can be a little messy because the strawberry filling is fresh and not in a solid-state.


Heaven for the sweet cravers, maple donuts are one of the sweetest donuts. It is surprisingly delicious, considering how sweet it is. It feels to have extra but not overdone sweetness, which makes one of people’s favorite.


A simple donut with sugar powder coating is what people like to eat when they get bored of trying out all the other flavors. It has a sweet pillow-like texture, which feels soft to chew and swallow. The powder can be a problem if it just falls off the donut everywhere, but overall it made it to people’s choice.

Double Chocolate

Coco addicts can celebrate the freedom of getting chocolate dough on a donut with layers chocolate. What more can you expect from a donut which says “chocolate donut” and has only chocolate in it? This is our personal favorite on the list.

Vanilla Frosting with Sprinkles

Again if you love sweet donuts, this will do it for you. Sweet vanilla layering with colored sugar sprinkled over the top of a sweet and soft donut. It is yet another classic among kids’ favorite. It has the contrast to look like a fun donut that a kid might want to have.